Programme de la semaine

Message envoyé par Jess et Ae
« Last week we had the opportunity to visit Elephant Poo Poo Paper Park. We had so much fun learning about the use of the poo. The children hesitated at first but then slowly they started to touch the poo. The children learned the process of making the paper and got to make a card to take home. There are some photos for you at the end of this email I hope you enjoy them. Sorry if there are not photos of everyone. We thank Prima’s mum for recommending such a wonderful place for us to visit.  Of course if anyone of you have a place in mind for the children to visit next, we welcome all ideas.
Continuing from recycling the poo this week, Miss Jess has been working with some children about recycling. The children have been learning to modify used bottles and turning them to be plant pots. You will get to see our school decorated with some recycled bottles soon.
This week discussion has been centered on Diversity and Differences of people. We have shared a few books in the class which show different ethnics. We have discussed about different hair, skin,
There are so many of our children have been working with the phonics and reading for the past two weeks and I have noticed many of them already knew the alphabets and the capital letters. Please keep in mind that in our Montessori class, we focus on the phonics and lower case letters initially. We usually introduce the name of the alphabets and the capital letters later »

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